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The 1st totally smoke free coffee shop in South Canterbury

In the 10 months since we took over at Arthur Street Kitchen, there have been a good deal of changes, for a start all but 1 of the staff are new, which means that there is a fresh approach, and there is very little left to tie us to the past, and no resistance to the winds of change that are blowing through this little corner of Timaru.

Arthur Street Kitchen

In a world packed with ever more global brands, chains, and corporate entities, with their corporate logos promoting and propagating blandness and homogenised sameness, repetition and boredom, we are trying to offer a small oasis of difference, however quirky we may be, we want people to visit us and think that they have experienced something that is “one off” unique, something that you can’t find it in every town or city that you visit, a certain something that it is particular to Arthur Street in Timaru.

Exciting times!

It’s been a little over 2 months since I finished teaching at the polytechnic, and after initially thinking that I would miss working there, I have found that I have gained a renewed love of food and cooking, something that I was missing in my life, but had somehow become unaware of until I started working in a commercial kitchen again.

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