The 1st totally smoke free coffee shop in South Canterbury

In the 10 months since we took over at Arthur Street Kitchen, there have been a good deal of changes, for a start all but 1 of the staff are new, which means that there is a fresh approach, and there is very little left to tie us to the past, and no resistance to the winds of change that are blowing through this little corner of Timaru. We become the first totally smoke free coffee shop in South Canterbury, we entered a team into the relay for life down at Caroline bay, and in the process we managed to raise over $1000 for cancer research. We moved away from using frozen ready to serve products, to producing everything in house, using fresh seasonal ingredients. We have added some new lighting and put up some funky blackboards and coat hangers, all made with recycled materials. We’ve introduced more and more options for our gluten and lactose intolerant guests, as well as more vegetarian and vegan alternatives. We now have more healthy choices like fresh fruit salad, muesli bars and low fat salads, as well as raw slices and a range of juices and smoothies. We have added a boardroom with a 50 inch TV that can be used for presentations, and some of the furniture has been changed or been added too. Things are heading in the direction that we are aiming for and there is more to come, we want to open the garden at the back for the spring/summer, giving that wonderful outside space that is so prized in New Zealand, the garden will be child friendly; and as such there will be toys and a sandpit for the young ones to play in. Watch this space as there is more to come

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